Terra de Ningú

[Lights] nobody

1  Among the rocks

© 2020 Miguel Ángel Varó Giner.

Great sunset light at this beautiful cove. It's not a place I know well and I had some problems trying to get the composition. I don't like this one very much but the light at that moment was great. That's why I've chosen it for uploading. Hope you like it!

@mandoft Me alegra saberlo, jefe :) Hay un solapamiento de una de las rocas con las montañas del fondo que no vi allí en directo, pero bueno, a la próxima ;)
mavaro · Dec 19
Pues a mí sí me gusta. Fenomenal.
mandoft · Dec 18

2019, atardecer, capvespre, costa cálida, murcia, portman, sunset, vertical