Terra de Ningú

[Lights] nobody

1  The Door

© 2020 Miguel Ángel Varó Giner.

When "one" has a landscape like this more than 800km away and the only time one has been able to go one doesn't find the "good" light and the mosquitoes make it impossible to be up there as long as one would have liked, one leaves the photo in the drawer because one thinks that it will not be long before one returns ... But when two years have passed since that trip and one sees it harder and harder to come back, one has nothing left but to "invent" something to upload the photo ... because one wants to have his own version of the site. I hope you like it, it's practically of camera except the cold tones of the colors that has been what has encouraged me to upload it in the end ;)

atardecer, cantabria, capvespre, liencres, los urros, seascape, sunset, vertical